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Meet Tomassi & Co

Not content with the status quo, we challenge the accepted norms of our industry and ‘the way things are’ in the interest of doing it better, building relationships and having a memorable and positive impact on the lives of the people who we represent, whilst delivering exceptional results for all involved.

Our focus on relationships coupled with our expertise, energy and drive makes working with us a rewarding experience. We’re here to represent you and our unwavering desire to deliver on your objectives provides you with peace of mind that we will achieve optimum results, allowing you greater freedom to do the things you want to do.

We’re people first, always. Positive outcomes and working with great people is our reward, but if it can’t be done with integrity, respect and enjoyment, then we’re not interested.

We tell it like it is and despise bullshit because we understand that the most rewarding relationships are built on trust, honesty and transparency and we champion all three.

Whilst we appreciate the finer things, they do not define us. We’re all about balance. You & us, work & life, head & heart.

We want you to forget Real Estate Agents. We’re Real Agents; great people who are exceptional at what we do and are motivated by rewarding you. We love the communities we work within and we care about the part we play in people’s lives. We build relationships based on mutual reward and are most happy when you’re experience with us leaves a smile on your face.

We're for you, we’re for us & we’re for rewarding relationships.

We’re Tomassi & Co.

Meet our Real Agents

Alby Tomassi 0438 737 981

Jesse Lorenz 0403 142 119

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